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Get Your Tax Refund
Get your Tax Refund
Tax Statute of Limitations: Time Limits to Claim Tax Refunds or to ...
The tax code imposes time limits on various actions that taxpayers and the IRS can take. There are time limits for getting a tax refund, for the IRS ...

Taxable Refunds: Figuring the Taxable Portion of State Tax Refunds
Learn how to report last year's state tax refund on this year's tax return. Instructions for Form 1040 Line 10.

What's the Safest Way to Get a Tax Refund? Be Wary of Direct Deposit
The IRS can deposit your tax refund directly into your checking or savings account. This is the IRS's preferred method of sending out refunds.

Check the Status of Your Tax Refund
You've filed your taxes. And you've waited, and waited. Find out the status of your IRS tax refund, and common reasons why refunds are delayed.

Split Refunds using Direct Deposit - Split Tax Refunds in up to 3 ...
You can have your federal tax refund directly deposited in up to three different bank accounts using IRS Form 8888. You can even have part of your refund ...

Taxable Refunds - Form 1040 Line 10
How to fill out Form 1040 line 10, taxable refunds. Reporting last year's state tax refund on this year's return, and how to calculate the taxable amount.

Getting a Refund or Paying a Balance Due - Preparing Your 1040 Step 10
How to figure your tax refund or balance due on Form 1040 lines 72 through 76. Plus tips on getting your refund safely and quickly, or how to pay off your ...

About Income Tax Refunds
How to check the status of your tax refund, plus tips for getting your refund quickly and safely.

Income Tax Refund Loans: Taxpayer Rip-off
Tax refund loans, also called "instant refund loans," or "refund anticipation loans," target lower income Americans, but people in middle income brackets ...