What is e-file?

E-File has grown quite popular over the past 10 years, but still people approach us with the question, "What is E-File". You hear about it on the radio, on television, in the news... E-File is a modern approach to filing your tax return directly with the IRS. Instead of waiting weeks, sometime months, to get the status of our tax return when sending our tax returns to the IRS via mail, with e-file, we get results within 48 hours. Also, because they get validated so quickly this way, we are able to get our tax refund even faster as well!

Reasons to File Online
  • No software to purchase or install.
  • Up to date tax laws.
  • File your taxes in less than 20 minutes.
  • Get your tax refund quickly & securely!
Get Your Tax Refund
Get your Tax Refund

Already file your taxes?

Already file your taxes and want to find out where your refund is? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has made this easy to do. It doesn't matter if you chose direct deposit, requested a check or whether or not you filed your return online. The IRS has provided a secure portal for you to find the status and where-a-bouts of your refund. Click Here to access that portal now.